Frequently Asked Questions

*Unity is free for individual users. Institutions can take control of their tenancy and get a Service Level Agreement in exchange for paying the costs associated with their tenancy. Please email us at and we'll set up a call or meeting.
You have a quick option and a slow option. The quick option is to join *Unity now in a “Rest of the World” tenancy that we have set up for people like you. To do this, click here. The slow option is to ask us to set up a tenancy for your institution. To do that, email us at
We do not issue passwords for most *Unity accounts. Instead, you sign in via your institution's own Single Sign On page with the username and password issued by your institution. You can find your institution and sign in via the Join *Unity panel.

If you can’t sign in that way, then please report the problem to us with this form and we will sort it out for you.
*Unity is built on open source software called the Open Academic Environment. We love suggestions to improve the OAE. Please put your ideas forward and join the discussion at UserVoice.
You can report translation mistakes - and help extend and improve the translations - on our page at CrowdIn.
First check that it isn’t already. If it is, you’ll be taken to your own SSO page when you click through from the Join *Unity panel.

Then write to us at and we will set it up for you.
Yes, *Unity is designed for that and satisfies a wide range of institutional criteria including accessibility, security and data protection. To set up a call, email us at
If you can't find a tenancy for your institution already via the Join *Unity panel, then you can ask us to set one up for you by emailing us at
Sometimes yes, sometimes no. We're a new service and most institutions have not yet adopted us as a campus service. You can check the situation at your university by looking at the bottom of your tenancy home page. To do this, go to the Join *Unity panel, select your university from the list and click the grey "Join for Free" button. If your tenancy has not been adopted, you will find text at the bottom of the page spelling that out.
Short answer - Enter your username and password as you would normally. Your credentials will be processed in exactly the same way as on the familiar page with your university branding.

Long answer - Athens and OpenAthens are identity services provided to universities by the company Eduserv and actually underpin the familiar login page that has your university branding on it. We have no control over these log in pages and simply use the URL supplied to the world by your university, or provided on its behalf by Eduserv. You might want to write to your university IT department or Eduserv (at and let them know what is going on. Tell them that "the metadata submitted on our behalf to our local access management federation directs users to a log in page that lacks the university branding and may confuse users". They can then update the URL so that everyone at your institution gets a university-branded page, both for *Unity and other external services.

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